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Originally Posted by NukeCop
I'm bringing it up because where I'm currently at, mandates the use of warning shots unless hostilities are already in progress.
In this century, I have never seen anyplace that authorizes warning shots, or any century for that matter. Too many stories out there where people fire rounds into the sky and they kill or injure bystanders miles away. Your place of business is just waiting for a lawsuit.

You could always load one or two blanks, then always fire one or two warning shots - that would be absolutely acceptable. Then why not just carry a cap gun?

Originally Posted by NukeCop
Also, when we have to shoot, the Regulation reads, "with intent to disable, never to kill"... It goes so far as to aim anywhere other then the head/heart..

This one is almost correct... Should read always shoot to stop the action that caused you to use deadly force... Then your training records should indicate you were trained to aim center mass on any target, whether it be paper on the range or a person in the field. Center mass gives you the greatest possibility of hitting your target and not hitting any bystanders.

I always aim center mass...
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