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This article shows that gun control is not even in the top agendas of most of the voters. Here are selected sentences from the article:

Only about one in three, or 36 percent, said they wanted Obama to make income-tax cuts a top priority when he takes office, and even fewer wanted higher taxes on the rich to be a primary goal.

Instead, 84 percent said strengthening the economy should be a top-tier priority. Eighty percent also named creating jobs as a No. 1 order of business.

Highlighting anew how the Iraq war has faded as a paramount public concern, only half of people said they wanted Obama to make a U.S. troop withdrawal a top focus upon taking office.

Half also said they wanted universal health care coverage to be a No. 1 priority, again with far more Democrats than Republicans citing it as a top goal.
With that said, I don't know how 184% of people can demand a No 1 priority, but I am not so good at "media math," but the Dems appear to be concentrating on getting free stuff from the public coffers over trying to outlaw guns, but I am sure they won't mind if gun laws do come along for the ride.
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