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I own and use several tilt locking designs including 1911s. I have also owned a Beretta Cougar 8045 and currently own a Beretta PX-4 in 9mm.

Both designs are capable of great mechanical accuracy, and I have never had a problem hitting anything with either at reasonable ranges.

The limitation on a stock Beretta with a rotating barrel versus a decent 1911A1 is in the trigger slop of the DA/SA design. The Italian pistols are simply adequate combat triggers, though the PX-4's is much sweeter than the Cougar's was due to a better transfer bar arrangement.

What I like about the rotating barrel as implemented by Beretta is the fact that the lock up forces are focused into a drop in $50.00 part and that the forces at play are linear wear rather than the up and down pounding of steel on steel. I already have a spare block in the safe though reports are that unlike the "falling" locking block "barrel wedging" lock-up of the M9/92FS, I may never need it due to a lack of pounding upon it.

I have seen 1911A1 pistols with clapped out locking lugs on the barrel, or recesses in the slide, and on more "modern" Browning lock up designs, slide cracks at the ejection port, usually on the narrowest fraction of steel at the forward lower corner down to the slide rail.

Given how the rotating barrel works, as long as the recoil spring is kept reasonably fresh, and the mating surfaces of the barrel and block effectively lubricated, I simply don't see the rotating barrel design as being capable of pounding itself to the point of slide or barrel failure. The rotating barrel system is different to say the least, but it is pretty damn slick in its own right.

Granted, these "wear issues" are all usually high round count concerns, but I'd rather have the easy sub-$100.00 fix if and when the time came.
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