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A purely opinionated...subjective coment. I'd bet money that my stock 9mm cougar could out perform any stock 1911.
You would lose that bet. Ever heard of "stock" guns made by Les Baer, Wilson Combat, SA Custom (the Professional is a "stock" gun). Even the TRP will shoot tiny little groups and you can't get any more stock than that.

It sure out shot my government model.
No, what you mean to say is you shoot your Cougar better than you can shoot a 1911 - HUGE difference.

A properly made 1911? Really. Perhaps that is why you had to spend so much money augumenting it...correct?
Apparently you don't know much about the 1911 market. Yes, "properly made". That means from a company that knows how to make 1911's vs. some fly by night operation in SE Asia that's slapping parts together. There is a big difference between a Charles Daley and a SA TRP, Colt, Dan Wesson or even S&W. You need to learn something about 1911's.

Sheesh. Stock 1911 pistols are crap. That is why so many of you have to have it gunsmithed and customized. Few own/keep/operate a stock 1911 for that very reason. I spent 22 years in the Army and the best thing that Uncle Sam ever did was replace that paper weight. Flame on.
So your only real experience with 1911's are those made from 1911 to 1945?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to hear how many Cougars win bullseye matches.
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