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More military protocol

General Lee was known to the Lost Cause Confederates as the Marble Man. He had a very human touch that was seen by one soldier.

"Soon after the battle of Cold Harbor, on the 3rd of June, 1864, I saw General Lee. He was riding slowly past our battalion, which had halted on the roadside. He was apparently in deep abstraction, his head slightly bowed, and eyes seeming not to range beyond his horse's mane. He himself was probably then in doubt as to the next move of his great antagonist. There was in the battalion a simple-witted fellow nicknamed Possum. This man planted himself in front of General Lee, and, looking up into his face, grinned and said, 'Howdy do, dad?' General Lee, roused from his reverie, looked up, and, in a kindly sad voice, answered, 'Howdy do, my man?' and rode on."
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