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Why - the existential future of the USA? If Obama tried to pass very strict controls, he would probably lose the majorities in the House and Senate in 2010.

Then the laws would be undone - happened before.

If you want to pose an existential crisis, you need to lay it out. If you think that gun laws will lead to some revolution in this time of economic crisis - to be blunt you are flat out mistaken despite internet rhetoric. With the economy in the toilet, there will be NO support for further disrupting our future over, for example, a new AWB renewal.

I'm a little frustrated by the constant TEOTWAWKI predictions. The USA didn't end with the Brady Bill, etc. We soldiered on.

Here's what I said before:

1. The loss of McCain is based on Bush's incompetency and the economy tanking.

2. The majority that voted for Obama just didn't care about guns given #1.

3. Basing support for the RKBA on a crappy president as the only issue, first freedom - obviously is a failed strategy - only good for internet venting.

4. Realize this and adopt strategies to convince antigun folks like Obama that it is their interest to leave the issue alone or even to appreciate the RKBA.

5. If you don't want to expand support of the RKBA out of the social conservatives for some tribal identity hang-up, again you adopt a failed strategy.

So the world and the USA is not ending.

PS - it is ending. I just read that Starbucks profits dropped 97%. If Starbucks fails, who is going to care that EBRs are too expensive.
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