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It will never happen!

Anybody that says it won't happen here is not living in the real world. Yes I know we surrvied the Clinton years; but each time some of these ridiculous measures are proposed people won't laugh so hard. I remember how funny I thought it was when the eight round magazine limit was proposed in the 1980's. Not so far out now. huh? Virginia outlawed the Spas 12 and Street Sweeper shotguns overnight a few years ago! One day your legal - the next your not. And thank you Governor Wilder for the one gun per month rule.

It's not a matter of if - but a matter of when. First they will make it more cumbersome and expensive - taxes, registration, etc. Then they will document who has what as much as they can; weed out the military semi-autos, high-capacity mags, then the sniper rifles, handguns, get those, and then go from there with a smaller group. Soon one will have to get a permit for a gravel flipper. As Ben Franklin said; "Either we all hang together, or we all hang seprately.
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