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Don't stick your heads in the sand.

Earlier presidential Executive Orders, vs. 2009 possible Executive Orders.
(Ah, yes, those were the days!)

1996 press release on Google, "Executive Orders." At a White House ceremony today, President Clinton issued an executive order that permanently bans the import of over 50 types of foreign-made assault weapons. Elizabeth Farnsworth and guests discuss the ban. Today's executive order permanently bans the importation of more than 50 types of assault weapons, primarily modifications of the AK-47 and the Israeli Uzi but also including other models. The ban comes after a review by the Treasury Department, which oversees the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. (2009, anyone?)
November 14, 1997 Amid indications that President Clinton intends to clamp down via Executive Orders on imports of assault weapons, gun dealers have obtained permits to bring in thousands of these firearms before a deadline bars them from doing so. In one week in late October, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms granted 150,000 permits for importing modified assault weapons, a huge proportion of the 600,000 permits issued over the entire year. Each permit allows the import of one weapon, and the unusually high number, first reported today in The Los Angeles Times, followed Clinton's Executive Order declaring a policy review prompted by gun-control supporters in Congress. ((Note the words "in Congress.")) (2009, anyone?)
(1997) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article date: March 6 " Capitalizing on the popular law-and-order issue, President Clinton invoked last month's shooting spree atop the Empire State Building in pushing Wednesday for a ban on foreign visitors' buying or carrying firearms. With uniformed state troopers and Democrat lawmakers assembled in the Oval Office, Clinton also signed an executive order requiring that firearms carried by federal law enforcement officers be equipped with child-safety locks. "Easy access means deadly consequences," Clinton said, noting that children and teenagers were involved in more than 10,000 unintentional shootings each year. In a Boston speech last month, Clinton recommended safety locks on all guns sold in the U.S." (2009, antone?)
(What sort of Oath does an FBI sniper swear to? Who swore in the individual troopers before Waco? Does the iRS /ATF even have an oath? Seriously want to know, and see it. Hmmmmm?)
(1944) FDR used an executive order to put Japanese-Americans in concerntration camps. If an Executive Order could do that, who knows what can be done. (2009, anyone?)
(Opinion: IF we have an anti-2A president who might lie alot, AND a rubber-stamp Congress, AND a Supreme Court that just barely decided that the 2A does mean what it says, then what do you think the next 4 ~ 8 years might bring us?

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