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This President, like any other, has a fixed amount of political capital to spend.

As DiveMedic said, plus:

Raising income taxes so he can hand out "refunds" to those who haven't paid income taxes (about one-third of Americans who would receive the promised middle-class tax cut will receive their "tax cut" in the form of a refundable tax credit even though they have no income tax liability).

Global warming

Solving the Israeli-Paestinian conflict

Repealing or re-negotiating NAFTA

Immigration reform

Giving employees "free choice" in deciding whether to have a union pursuant to the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act that he sponsored as a Senator (which actually deprives workers of the right to vote for or against a union in a government-supervised election with secret balloting).

Dealing with home foreclosures and this thing called the economy

And so on.

No, the President-elect has a full plate, and I say that gun control is not on the menu for this term.

In a recent interview, Rahm Emmanuel, a former Clinton White House aide and now the Chief-of-Staff-designate, said that the Clinton administration got into trouble with gays in the military and other things that they didn't get elected to do. He made it clear that Mr. Obama's job is to get the things done that he was elected to get done.

Mr. Obama did not run on a take-their-guns-away platform. Regardless of what his actual views are, he doesn't need this headache. In his second term, maybe.

Mr. Emmanuel is focused and disciplined, with very sharp elbows, and he will crack the whip on the Dems in congress to keep them in line. My guess (and hope) is that he will see that "cracking down on guns" won't add to his president's re-election prospects and will only galvanize the opposition. I have great confidence that Mr. Emmanuel will browbeat, intimidate, and neuter anyone who interferes with Mr. Obama's re-election.
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