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This President, like any other, has a fixed amount of political capital to spend. There are many issues out there that will require expending that capital, among them:

raising the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour over two years
universal healthcare
ending the war in Iraq
ending Afghanistan
Stopping Iran from developing nukes, and failing that, stopping the war in the middle east that will follow- especially since the US will have a smaller presence there (that war will almost be guaranteed to go nuclear when Iran and Israel get into it)
Russia's new military build up, and nuclear missile deployment into Europe (a move which violates current treaties)
China's new military buildup
India's military buildup
Venezuela's military buildup (along with the fact that Russia is basing nuclear bombers there)
Cuba's military buildup, and the imminent death of Cuba's and N Korea's leaders, and the turmoil that will cause, and last but certainly not least, the failing economy.

That doesn't even take into account the miscellaneous unforeseen things that will crop up, nor does it address the $11 trillion US debt, the looming inflation crisis, or the other items on his agenda.

All of this will require a lot of effort, and will leave little time and effort to fight the battle over a bunch of gun control laws, and the markers that will be given out to placate the RINOs needed to break the fillibuster. With all that said, I have been hedging my bets for over a year by buying guns, magazines, ammo, and spare parts.
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