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This thing should run like a raped ape right from the box.
Maybe not my choice of words but the man is right. If this is a new gun, see if the retailer will swap magazines with you. If not, 1st thing, don't buy anything else from them, 2nd go knock on your neighbor's door, he'll likely have a 10/22 and magazine. Most anyone who shoots and has guns probably has a 10/22.

Seriously, if this is a new gun (from your post it sounds like it is), it needs warranty work. I've only had feeding problems with after-market high capacity magazines, and 99% of the ammunition problems I've ever had are failure to fire, not feed or ejection difficulties. If this is a "new to you" gun, I'd look hard at your recoil spring and make sure it hasn't been modified or replaced. The Ruger 10/22 ends up as a platform for experimentation for many "inexperienced" (we'll say, to be nice) gunsmiths and can be "jacked up" (a technical term, I know, try to stay with me here) by someone who doesn't read well.

Summary: You should be able to fire thousands of rounds from a 10/22 with little to no cleaning or maintenance. Rim-fire ammo being what it is, especially bulk, you'll have 3 or 4 failures to fire out of 1000 or so rounds. Maybe a bit more. But jams after 150 rounds? Nope. Not for a stock 10/22 from Ruger. You should be able to measure reliability in months or years of continuous shooting with little or no maintenance.
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