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The 2A is not in Obama's sights right now

Sure it is. Obama wants a new "assault weapons" ban. He's already said so. New legislation has been drafted by Democrats in congress, and it is ready for passage. And ready for Obama's signature. None of you seriously doubt that Obama will veto that legislation, do you? And that'll be just the beginning: wait for new restrictions on ammunition ('armor piercing'), taxes (noting like raising taxes on guns and ammunition), and 'sniper guns', which will probably be included in the assault weapons ban. After all, you really don't need powerful ammunition, powerful scopes, muzzle breaks, and more than a two shot capacity to hunt, you know.....
Bush also said that he'd renew the AWB but it never happened. Frankly, I think that Obama and the Democrats have got a lot bigger fish to fry than gun control right now. Remember, Obama changes what he says about gun control (and several other issues) depending on what crowd he's talking to. While that means he may not be a friend of gunowners, it also mean that he may not be the enemy that we think he is either. I've got a feeling that Obama is the type to do and say what will get him elected more than what he thinks is right. The man isn't stupid and has probably seen that gun control has been a losing issue for his party for quite some time now. While I do think that it's certainly something that we need to keep an eye on, I also think that there are too many moderate and conservative Democrats in congress to go into full-on panic mode just yet. Also remember, the Democrats don't have their fillibuster-proof supermajority in the Senate. When it boils right down to it, I doubt we'll see any overt attacks on 2A during Obama's first term without some catastrophe to motivate it (i.e. school shooting, assasaination of a prominent figure, etc.)
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