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.22 blowback designs are generally sensative to contamination with unburned powder and residue, which is,
naturally, is blown back into the action. Make sure there is no oil/greese on moving parts - it makes things considerably worse, as it attracts and retains these particles (in addition to plain dust) inside the action.
If you want to use lube, use dry film lubricants only or no lubricants at all. Same applies to any self-loading .22 guns.

My 10/22 did not require break-in, had may be 15-20 misfeeds (mostly due to failure to extract) in 14 years, but I always lubricated it with dry film lubricants only. Ruger rotary magazine is generally SUPER reliable and does not require cleaning for the first several years of use, unless exposed to very dirty environment. Also, ammo does need to be reasonably powerful, and desirably, of good brand. I would recommend CCI, SV and hotter, it is very consistent in regard to powder charge and bullet crimp. Remington brand is not as good, in my opinion. Some ammo has wax, which covers bullet, and sometimes, the whole cartridge, like Russian Junior. Works great in bolt action, but not good at all in self loading guns, for the reason stated above.
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