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As I stated...and this is fact: Accuracy is more dependent upon the shooter than the weapon itself...agree?

As for the rotating barrel I read the below statement...many, many more to be found on the internet if you just take some time to research...and decided to test it out for myself. Since then...I've sold my "tilt-back" .45

I believe the main advantage is accuracy potential.

"In a normal Browning action, the barrel is moving around a lot as the action cycles. Typically it moves back with the slide, then unlocks and rotates downward to pick up the next round. Then it moves up and forward again. It is good tight tolerances that keep it coming back to exactly where it started shot after shot.

With a rotating barrel, the barrel can be kept on a fixed axis and alignment for the entire recoil cycle. As the slide works, the barrel simply spins in place. Or in other words, a rotating barrel pistol always has the barrel pointed in the same direction, but a more conventional design does not. This should mean better shot to shot accuracy for the rotating barrel pistol."

Bottom line...accuracy is in the shooter. There are some with "fixed" barrel 22's that are far more accurate than rotating barrels...
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