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Least anyone missed it, Obama is the first 50% African American president in the history of the US. He is taking office at a time, much like JFK did, when people think he is the Mesiah. The problem is he may remember JFK's demise, and, that may motivate him. However, he maybe wise enough to realize that nothing he can pass in the way of gun control will affect millions of guns already legally owned. In fact, he may well be smart enough to realize that that is a dog he would be better off NOT kicking, and just letting it sleep...

That said, the democratic like increase in Federal spending, and government is a worry, created by Bush, and our existing congress. It would be odd if the Democrats do what the Republicans should have, and, if the democrats finally get a clue, and start realizing to retain power, they must build the middle class again.

What elected Obama was his potential to change the status quo. With a 9% approval rating for congress, I can't think of any clearer message then this president that the country will not accept more billions in profitering in oil, and more government corruption, or more wars for no particular reason.

Obama represents hope in that he is a brilliant politician, willing to say, and do, anything to gain power, which he now has. He may well be willing to go against party lines as well, now that he has the oval office.
I don't see Obama as having any long term tie to the democratic party, and, as a semi-african american, I don't see any major bonding going on with that party. Remember, he was only in the REAL congress about 150 days, and, his actions could well be totally wild card, and, his own counsel, now that he is in office.

At his young age, he could well see himself as trying to cement himself in history as a great president, not democrat or republican, and doing everything he can to that end.

While many, more well to do folks may worry about Obama and taxes, being a current, lowly school teacher, it would be really nice to have a president more intrested in attacking this country, it's ignorance, and poverty, rather then giving 50 billion dollars to Africa to fight a disease that will not be cured by money.

Finally it's already nice to have a black role model that doesn't wear gold teeth, baggy pants, and pimp around.
I have great hope that the next 8 years will lead to change in the black culture, giving hope to young black men they have never had before, and, a role model for action and behavior that better represents our nation.

I'm approaching this administration with more hope then I had since Bush was elected, and, we were betrayed. Bush's expansion of the Federal Government, and, the poor management of the war, read do we really think we are going to bring peace to a region that's been at war for nearly 5000 years?,Enron, and many other issues left me with a really hopeless feeling, since the alternative is even worse, though not much, the Pelosi's, Boxers, and Fienstiens that are excreted from our wonderful state...

Less I forget:

I'm finding a real change in 'facist-liberals' in my area, back to being more like 'liberals'. The dogmatism and ruthless slaughter of any idea not their own is changing. Even in the trenches with school teachers in Kali, things are changing. A recognition of the failure of both the 'facist-liberal'
and republican approaches is finally happening. Teachers are faced that we don't have enough money, and, our kids don't either. Poverty=stupidity, maybe not all the time, but, it certainly helps. The fact that a democratic congress passed NCLB is hitting home everyday, without funding it, and, it's real clear that without an elevated standard of living, our next generation is in deep trouble. The combination of extreme work hours, low wages, high rents, etc. are reducing family ties, increasing divorce, and reducing parent child contact. The incredible burden 48% immigrant Mexican children are placing on this states education system are very near breaking it, at least in public schools, and, the quality of a public education is becoming far to determined by income, something that most of these aging hippies fought for, equal opportunity for all.

If Obama wants the real battle, it's for our next generation, not Iraq's, or Irans...

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