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I don't know if this is a concern for you or not but...

There are a lot more possible combinations for a GunVault because you can press any combination of buttons. According to the website you posted there are ~10,000 combinations for the DAC safe. GunVaults have 12,204,000 combinations (which would take up to 11,390,625 guesses to crack). I would imagine 10k is enough for most people though.

However GunGuard safes don't have many combinations at all because you can only press one button at a time. They only have 5,440 possible combinations and you only have to try up to 4,096 to get it open. That's a low enough number that the odds of a child playing with the buttons accidentally getting it open are too high for me (especially since they will probably only be pressing one at a time).

I particularly like the GunVaults because since you can press any combination of the buttons, you can program your combination to be an easy to remember number (phone number, ssn, etc.). You can have 6 entries of a number from 1-15.
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