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M629-1 recoil rod locking lug problem

I recently acquired a used Smith 629-1. I thought I had checked for cylinder play but missed the fact that there is a loose fit between the end of the ejector rod and the locking bolt. The end of the ejector rod looks fine but the locking bolt looks worn, undersized, smaller than the one on my 29-3. This allows for play between the bolt and the end of the ejector rod which allows the yoke/cylinder to move a bit from side to side, maybe a hundredth of an inch or more. I'm thinking that if the locking bolt is replaced (as it looks worn/small) the lock up will be more positive and I will lose the play. Everything else looks normal. Thoughts?

Is this an easy fix for a smith? Is this a common problem? Is the locking bolt going to be hard part to get? (I now see this is a widely available part)

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