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Solve the puzzle...1911 mishaps

I picked up a (used) Springfield GI 1911. My estimates say it had no more than one or two magazines put through it. It was totally stock, not screwed around with, not a mark anywhere, except...the parked gun had a stainless extractor. The extractor also moved forward and backward in the slide slightly. I immediately removed this and replaced with stock (blued) Springfield part. Tight fit, works great.

Upon examination of the stainless extractor in the gun I found that someone had filed the notch in the end of the extractor where the firing pin stop slides into to lock into place. They filed the notch wider say, .020 or .030". I have no idea if the gun did, or would have functioned with all the play there. Is there any logical explanation as to WHY someone might have done this?
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