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buzz_knox wrote:
With all that going on, Obama will not be able to push his social agenda all that much. So, he'll need something to throw to his left-wing constituency. Gun control is an effective bone as it is almost as sacred to them as socializing the economy.
I'm not so sure about this. While I don't have the secret pals in high places that Antipitas does, I do read the left-wing press (not the MSM, which isn't nearly as far to the left as the folks on Fox News would have us think, but actual progressive media like The Nation -- ) fairly closely, and from what I've seen, gun bans, increased regulation of guns, just aren't on the list right now. One example: The Rachel Maddow Show has an online poll ( going on issues her viewers want the new administration to address -- not only is gun control not one of the 13 choices (14, if you include "other"), but after going through several pages of comments from viewers and searching for the word "gun," I got one hit, in a short post from someone who seemed to be pro-gun, not anti. That was it. (I also searched a bit on "handgun" and "assault weapon" and got no hits at all.)

I think it's easy to assume, when one believes that one issue is of overriding importance, that the opposition is equally passionate. 'Tain't necessarily so... Not that there aren't passionate anti's -- of course there are -- but I suspect that many if not most of them fall into the Sarah Brady group: people who've experienced gun violence first-hand, for whom fighting for gun control is a way to regain some sense of control over their own lives. I disagree with them, but I understand the emotional impulse.

The point I want to make here is just that Mr. Obama's "left-wing constituency" is going to be all over him about the economy, the war in Iraq, health care reform, etc., etc.: gun control just isn't a bone they much want to chew, compared to a lot of other issues. And given that it's not, it would be political madness for his administration to make it an issue, since they will need the support of centrist and right-of-center members of Congress in order to make progress with issues that matter a lot more to Mr Obama, his supporters, and possibly to the country as a whole...
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