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I got it from CMMG as one of their bargain bin specials last year for $600. It had a DPMS lower and the barrel was marked 1:7. It didn't have "chrome bore" or anything like that stamped on it so I assume it was unlined.

I was trying to figure out if I should sell it or a different one that I have with a rail system and ACOG on a Doublestar lower. It is stamped "5.56 NATO CHROMED". I swapped out the DPMS lower with 6 pos stock for the doublestar lower with 4 pos stock.

The one I'm keeping has:

a generic rail system
Knights rail covers
Knights forward pistol grip
fake ACOG
1:7 chrome lined bore
DPMS lower w/ 6 pos stock

I have about $700 into it. I was going to sell it for $1150 but I think I'll keep it instead.
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