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The 2A is not in Obama's sights right now, but if it walks in front of them I expect him to pull the trigger.

I also do not thing the far left learned a thing from the AWB. I live in NY and you would not believe the legislation put forward annually by our leftist State Assembly. Only the Senate holds it back because our Governor will sign anything on the issue put in front of him.

I see no reason for the fanatics nationally to be any less driven than those in our Assembly. Schumer and others like him would have no problem attaching attacks on the 2A to legislation on the way to Obama for signing and the presence of such items will not stop Obama for one second.

I still see an attack using environmental hysteria as the most likely as it is how Obama intends to attack industry already. Sin taxes on ammunition to offset the "decades of environmental destruction caused by lead ammunition" will be coming. I would be money on it.
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