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So the likes of Charles Schumer, who has stated that his goal is to hammer firearms into submission on an anvil, is out of bounds until he actually brings out the anvil?

You don't have to make "personal attacks and value judgements on the reasoning of the legislators" if the reasoning is out in the open and being bragged about daily by the legislator. All you need do is spread the truth using their own words and, if possible, in their own voice.

"We're going to hammer guns on the anvil of relentless legislative strategy! We're going to beat guns into submission!"
- Rep. Charles Schumer: Press Conference, December 8, 1993

How is posting that very public declaration for the purusal of those who gather here, especially the lurkers who may be unaware of it and come here seeking knowledge, a personal attack or value judgement?

I am just saying that one must know one's enemies -- intimately -- if one is to defeat them. Taking the enemy off the table does not take them off of the battlefield.

That opinion stated, I am finished. Moving on.
Gun Control: The premise that a woman found in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is morally superior to allowing that same woman to defend her life with a firearm.

"Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house." - Jules Henri Poincare

"Three thousand people died on Sept. 11 because eight pilots were killed"
-- former Northwest Airlines pilot Stephen Luckey
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