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Slamfire -- thanks for the advice.

As for elevation adjustments. Look around for needle nose pliers that will fit into the rear sight notches. I found a set in my garage. This is a cheap solution, sometimes frustrating because you have to push in two pins at the same time, and hold them in, while you rotate the turret. You need three hands to do this, one to turn the turret and two to hold the pliers in place. Having only two hands I found the pliers will jump out, or I had only one pin pushed in.
Do you have a welder? I was just thinking that since needlenose pliers are cheaper than the elevation tool -- you could just spread the pliers the right distance apart weld them at the "hinge" so that they maintain the correct position. Then you'd have a one-handed tool, which would probably be a lot more pleasant to use ... Anyhow, I'll be trying this -- I'll post up results.

Thanks again!
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