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For what it's worth, here's a little insider info:

The far left are [redacted]-off that Obama is not racing for a huge Gun control package. He has refused to place it on his opening agenda at a meeting a couple of weeks ago. They are trying to figure out how to prevent illegal sales on city streets... Or more like they are trying to figure out a new law that would fight that type of sale.

Obama does not want to [redacted]-off middle America. He has noticed the rise in gun sales and believes the Heller decision will stop or delay any anti-gun bill like the AWB. He even mentioned that they did not want to cause more review from SCOTUS which might further define regulation in a manner they do not want.

There you have it. More or less directly from the horses mouth (yes, I have friends in strange places). The above simply confirms what I had pretty much figured out already. Believe it or not.

Doesn't mean we won't keep our guard up. Just means that for the immediate future, we won't have gun-control flung at us.

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