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Lots of political analyses mention that the Democrats did learn from 1994 and 2000 to stay away from radical gun proposals.
That's exactly why they stayed away from the AWB renewal in 2004 during an election year.

Whoops. I forgot, they pushed for the renewal that year.

The Dems didn't "learn" anything but just adapted their tactics. They ran "blue dogs" who will fill seats but have no power or influence over policy(especially when they neuter themselves as effectively as Jim Webb did).

With two misbegotten wars and a tanking economy on their plates, the new administration and Congress are going to have more pressing things to worry about.
With all that going on, Obama will not be able to push his social agenda all that much. So, he'll need something to throw to his left-wing constituency. Gun control is an effective bone as it is almost as sacred to them as socializing the economy.

That doesn't mean that gun control is guaranteed but it's a major stretch to think the RKBA will be anywhere close to being as safe in 2009 as it is today.
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