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I believe we need to be wary of any attempts to use "evnironmental regulations" through the likes of the EPA and others to enact back door bans on ammunition.

For an example look at this lunacy which just was halted:

The ban on "lead contaminated venison" was overturned but the simple suggestion of it almost resulted in meat being tossed from food pantries. How many of you hunters out there who have taken a deer a year for possibly decades are dying of lead poisoning?

The military has had to develop "green bullets" to address lead contamination issues at a significant cost.

The bottom line is I think you are going to see enormous taxes put on ammunition and components as a "sin tax" similar to that on alcohol and tobacco products. The sin this time though will be sins against the church of "Environmentalism." Mind you, our new POTUS had recordings played on Monday of him claiming he couldn't stop companies from opening coal fired power plants but he would see to it they went bankrupt for doing so. That's scary and the same tactic can be used against anything that is deemed "Not Green."

I have fears about Green Hysteria being used to justify a host of things under the new leadership but I see a specific threat to ammunition.
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