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I wouldn't get too worried about it yet. I'm not entirely sure that all the Democrats in congress are particularly wild about more gun control legislation. The Dem lost congress due in part to the '94 AWB and I don't think that many of the so-called "blue dog" democrats from traditionally red or purple states are eager to try it again. Consider this, Bush said that he would have renewed the AWB if it got to his desk (the Republican Majority in '04 just made sure that it didn't). So theoretically, if the Democrats could've gotten a bill to his desk within the last two years he'd have signed it. No AWB that's been proposed in the last two years however has made it out of committee or subcommittee. Honestly, this is just one example of the many things I don't think the Democratic congress will go along with despite Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. I think political self-preservation will usually trump party loyalty.
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