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Ruger 10/22 break in required?

Morning troops:

I'm a new member here, and a new owner of a Ruger 10/22 All Weather model. I've found after about 150 rounds or so, I've been having some considerable stoppage problems in the ejection and feeding of rounds.

I did clean the mag in the manner approved by the Ruger manual, cleaned the rifle and still found myself getting stoppages. I'm firing Remmington 22LR Yellow Jackets as well as Remmington LR non-hollowpoint.

A few quick Google searches so far have suggested trying different ammo, but others have suggested that the 10/22 requires a break-in period, that after about 1000 rounds, the rifle will have few, if any stoppages.

Before I try taking the mag back to the dealer and trying to arrange a new mag, should I just keep putting rounds down range to put the weapon through a break-in and see if that works?

Your experience and expertise is appreciated.

Many thanks,

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