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Though hostile toward private ownership of guns when the subject comes before him, Obama hasn't done anything to show me he is strongly motivated on this issue. I kind of hope he is stupid enough to allow those in Congress who ARE strongly motivated to grab guns to go for their fondest wishes, because I think it would backfire and then he would throw them under the bus.

My reasons to be of good cheer today:

In 8 years of Bill Clinton, government spending expanded by about $400 billion, from $1.4 trillion per year to $1.8. Fedgov spending FELL as a percentage of GDP from 22% to 18%.

In 8 years of George Bush, government spending expanded by over a trillion dollars, from the $1.8 trillion level to a projected $3 trillion next year. As a percentage of GDP, fedgov spending grew from 18% to 20%.

I'm looking forward to once again having a party of smaller government in Washington, and I expect Republicans may rediscover the virtues of smaller government now that they are in the minority in Congress and have lost the White House. I expect we'll soon hear the word "gridlock" again in mainstream media, and that's music to my ears.

I also expect to once again see Republicans suspicious of executive power in areas like roving wiretaps, locking people up without a trial, and foreign nation building.
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