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I own a HK 91. The condition of my rifle is near pristine so I've opted to avoid using a scope on it. The claw mount leaves marks that I don't want to have. The HKs can command upwards of $2500 and more depending on condition these days. The sight adjustment tool is expensive and not always easy to locate, but worth owning. I've actually mounted a ghost ring sighting system on my 91 since I generally shoot out to 200 yards max. Works great for me. As for cheap .308... non corrosive surplus is commanding a premium these days and I don't see it getting any cheaper. The good stuff is running between $250 and $299 per 500 rounds. Still a sight cheaper than commercial ammo. I'll likely be buying another 500 rounds in the next couple of weeks. That should hold me over for a bit. I tend not to use my 91 as much as my other rifles although it is an absolute blast to shoot. Simply a matter of the cost of ammo. A coupe of things you should know about this particular family of rifles. If you've never shot one they are loud. The recoil is stout, but not uncomfortable and they tend to not only eject brass quite a distance they are also pretty rough on it. On the plus side the magazines are easy to obtain and reasonably priced if you buy surplus. The guns are accurate and well made. Take down is relatively simple which makes cleaning less of a chore. Read up on the roller locking system and how it all goes together. First time disassembly and reassembly can be a challenge. Once you get the hang of it all goes well. Fortunately you don't have to take it down to that degree every time you clean it. Enjoy your new rifle.
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