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Many places are still counting votes

And while the projections are probably accurate enough, exactly what the makeup of Congress will be is not quite yet fixed.

Our new President (and remember he dosen't take office until Jan.) has a track record of being far from a friend to the average bitter citizen clinging to their guns and religion, BUT it may just be that he will have bigger things to occupy his administration for a while.

The trick will be to keep too much from getting passed during his "honeymoon" period, and of course, just how long that will last. Because of history has shown us anything, it has shown us that once things reach a certain point, the hugs and kisses stop, and shortly after, the gloves come off. Bush could do no wrong late in 2001, but could do no right a few years later. No matter what Obama does, eventually he will disappoint some and upset others. All Presidents do, it comes with the job. What will matter is the scale of the disaffection, and how it will reflect on his party's ability to enact their agendas.

Expect the usual suspects to push their favored bans and restrictions. Expect even more than the usual amount of propaganda and outright lies from the "mainstream" media. Expect a new dimension in our political arena, or at least new faces on old ones. Only time will tell just how things will work out, but one thing is certain. If you believe in the honesty and accuracy of our electoral system, the people have decided.

I wonder what the people will decide next?
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