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Originally Posted by JAYBIRD78
That poor guy went OUTSIDE his home. In my OPINION he should have stayed inside and LOOK outside with the use of a window.
In a lot of folks' opinion, especially those with training, he should have stayed inside. But remember, the reasons he should have stayed inside are the same reasons that the folks with the training suggest not going looking even inside your home. By going looking for someone, whether outside or inside, you give up a large tactical advantage. For that poor guy, being inside or being outside wouldn't have made a difference.

Originally Posted by JAYBIRD78
...If I hear a noise I go and investigate....
I actually can't remember hearing a noise that I couldn't reasonably well identify as unimportant by simply staying in place, listening and thinking (and maybe checking a nearby window). I've never had a need to go around looking.

Don't forget doctors kill plenty of folks every year and car mechanics bugger up plenty of vehicles every day....
Maybe, but auto mechanics would kill a great many more people than doctors do if we let mechanics do surgery or prescribe drugs. Seriously, training, experience and expertise mean something. If you want a medical opinion about a serous health problem, you go to a doctor and not to the guy who takes your money at the auto parts store. And if you want tax advice, I hope you go to an accountant rather than the checker at the supermarket.
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