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Just got a PTR 91 -- have a few questions ...

I just purchased a PTR 91 KF recently from JLD, and I have a few questions about it (the manual that it came with sucks ...):

1) Where do I get this elevation adjustment tool? Or better still, how do I make one myself? I saw something about using needlenose pliers, but mine seem way too big to fit (maybe I will get myself a smaller pair ...)

2) What exactly are the four aperture settings on the rear site for -- that is, what determines which one should be used? Does anyone have a good link to what the sight picture should look like for the "V" sight (#1)?

3) What is the best valued scope mount? I don't want to spend TOO much, but I don't want a wobbly POS either. Ideally I'd like something that would enable me to still look through the iron sights, but only if it's comfortable to use without having to modify the stock to raise my cheek up ...

4) Any ideas about where to find CHEAP bulk .308 rounds?

Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these ... I might have more questions later ...

--J. Taylor
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