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It sure didn't work for the poor fellow whose story started this thread. Of course nothing always works, just as nothing always fails. It becomes a question of what gives you the very best chance to prevail.
That poor guy went OUTSIDE his home. In my OPINION he should have stayed inside and LOOK outside with the use of a window.

Not all opinions are equal. The opinion of someone with applicable training and experience is worth more than the opinion of someone with none. The opinion of my doctor regarding my health is more worthy of attention than that of my mechanic; just as the opinion of my mechanic about my car deserves more attention than that of my doctor. If that weren't the case, I'd need a new doctor and mechanic.
Don't forget doctors kill plenty of folks every year and car mechanics bugger up plenty of vehicles every day. A piece of paper doesn't make you a expert, hence why there are SECOND OPINIONS.

I do realize the basic concept that a BG is danger. I'm saying I don't bunker down every time I hear a noise. Where do you guys live? If I hear a noise I go and investigate. I would love to get a count of the number of times other posters here have called the police because of a noise. Come on and fess up? Lets just say within the last year.
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