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around here, the problem is black bears. they pushed in a screen window across the breezeway hall and were discovered when the owners came back from the bar, ran thru the room and jetted over the balcony. they tear into trash bags in the back of my pickup truck and the dumpsters have locks on them to keep them from throwing trash all over the parking lot. i hear them bangin around 1-2 in the am. i dont know their range, but in particular over the last year its a large female and 3 cubs. when my dog barks thru the front sliding door about 15/20 feet from the sidewalk, she stands there and munches the azaleas.

so i dont investigate noises outside, i dont clear the exterior of the condo, sometimes i look thru the window when the dog starts up. when i take her out to pee and she goes ballistic at the top of the stairs, we go back inside.

no comment on all the skunks around here and a 25 ft leash. you guys go ahead and clear.

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