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If you were up against multiple intruders....say......ninjas, zombies, jackbooted thugs I would say going on the "offensive" may lead to your demise.
You seem to have missed the main thrust of this thread, which is that going to the BGs simply increases your danger, thus those with experience and training tend to recommend not doing so, particularly if you have to leave the safety of your home to do so. It doesn't matter if it is multiple BGs, single BGs, ninjas, thugs, whatever---leaving safety and security is a poor decision, particularly when there are alternatives available to you.
You win some and you lose some.
And there are some things that improve your chances to win, and there are some things that increase your chances to lose.
Finally on a side note, please don't take every experts OPINION to heart, OPINIONS differ on many more subjects than this one.
True. However, when virtually EVERY expert in a field gives the same advice, they are probably doing so because it is pretty good advice.
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