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Originally Posted by JAYBIRD78
...please don't take every experts OPINION to heart, OPINIONS differ on many more subjects than this one. Do what YOU think is right for YOUR situation....
Not all opinions are equal. The opinion of someone with applicable training and experience is worth more than the opinion of someone with none. The opinion of my doctor regarding my health is more worthy of attention than that of my mechanic; just as the opinion of my mechanic about my car deserves more attention than that of my doctor. If that weren't the case, I'd need a new doctor and mechanic.

Originally Posted by JAYBIRD78
...Seems like defending one's own home works. Does it work all the time, NO....
It sure didn't work for the poor fellow whose story started this thread. Of course nothing always works, just as nothing always fails. It becomes a question of what gives you the very best chance to prevail.

...If you were up against multiple intruders....say......ninjas, zombies, jackbooted thugs I would say going on the "offensive" may lead to your demise.

If you were up against a lone intruder....say.....crack head, drunk, punk kid then I PERSONALLY feel confident. Of course I'm a firm believer in putting lead downrange....
And if you go looking, you won't know what you've got until it may be too late. And don't forget the possibility that you may be up against the experienced, violent criminal who knows what he's doing and how to shut you down if you give him the chance.

...I guess I will just take my chances when something goes bump in the night and try my hardest to bump back....
Suit yourself. Personally, I'll let him come to me, and then I'll give him some "bumping" lessons.
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