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I'm wondering if all those published self defense articles that get published in the papers and then the NRA reprints are false. Seems like defending one's own home works. Does it work all the time, NO. You win some and you lose some. Lets just hope NOBODY ever breaks into our homes. I guess I will just take my chances when something goes bump in the night and try my hardest to bump back.

If you were up against multiple intruders....say......ninjas, zombies, jackbooted thugs I would say going on the "offensive" may lead to your demise.

If you were up against a lone intruder....say.....crack head, drunk, punk kid then I PERSONALLY feel confident. Of course I'm a firm believer in putting lead downrange.

Of course you won't know unless you go LOOK or can HEAR something/someone.

Finally on a side note, please don't take every experts OPINION to heart, OPINIONS differ on many more subjects than this one. Do what YOU think is right for YOUR situation. Did you like how I inserted zombies in this?
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