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You just inextricably linked the two

They are indeed linked but not inextricably (at least not in this forum, I suspect).

You can't have (mass-produced) guns without a factory, but you can discuss the gun without discussing the factory it came from.

And even if the two were inextricably linked, there's a lot you can say about a chicken even if you can't discuss the egg it came from.

No one suggested raising a clarion call after laws are enacted. Pending legislation invites policy analysis, and I take it that's fair game for this forum. I also take it that attacking the intelligence and honesty of the proponents of the legislation is out of bounds here, in this forum (but not elsewhere).

I also take it that acting as a clarion, calling on readers to write, call, and email their legislators pro or con on legislation is also political. Again, there is no question you can do that, but just not in this one particular forum.

I assume, but willl leave to the mods to say definitively, that one is permitted by the rules of this forum to conclude one's analysis of a pending bill or existing law with the opinion that the bill or law is flawed and should not be enacted or should be amended or repealed. Assuming that to be the case, I further assume that the call to action by fellow TFLers and the alert to the electorate must go out in another forum (and certainly may do so outside TFL altogether).

The world at large is a pretty big forum and the limitation on discussion of politics here (in this one forum) is a minor restriction that promotes the flow of discussion of policy.
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