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From BillCA:
Let's all realize that PAX was right in her summation. I think those who advocate not going outside must live in single family homes or in areas where visibility to their driveways or the street are unfettered. But this is not always so.
True, that's what I have in mind.

Consider those who live in townhomes and condos. They often can't see their own driveways or see out to the street area. The photo below shows a local townhome complex from overhead. Garage entrances are non-visible from inside the house. In most cases, only 2 units in a group have a "street view". In these cases, someone living "behind" the street-facing units, may have to venture outside to determine what the sound might be. ... Before calling the cops, stepping out the front door often gives a clue as to the noises. One can tell if there are hostile sounding voices or not. Sometimes one can identify the noise enough to dismiss it. In those other cases, a cautious peek may be needed.
Bill, I don't have your experience, but based on what I see in the pictures and on what I have inferred from those who have participated in FOF training and simulation, that sounds pretty risky to me in those circumstances. Perhaps one of them will comment. I would prefer a remote camera system, if that could be put in.

The situation that I mentioned before PAX made her comment involved a farm or ranch with out buildings and some area to take into account, and probably in a remote area like your friend's property in Missouri.

When I was young, I visited relatives on two rural farms. None of them ever carried a gun

Things have changed, with the development of the meth "industry"and its addicts. Farms now have extremely bright lights that blot out the stars for anyone out in th country. Carrying a gun would seem wise, to me.

And, of course, the idea of remote cameras.

Your thoughts?

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