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Let's all realize that PAX was right in her summation. I think those who advocate not going outside must live in single family homes or in areas where visibility to their driveways or the street are unfettered.

But this is not always so.

Consider those who live in townhomes and condos. They often can't see their own driveways or see out to the street area. The photo below shows a local townhome complex from overhead. Garage entrances are non-visible from inside the house. In most cases, only 2 units in a group have a "street view".

In these cases, someone living "behind" the street-facing units, may have to venture outside to determine what the sound might be. Late night/early morning noises might be someone committing a crime - or someone coming home from a late night carousing.

Before calling the cops, stepping out the front door often gives a clue as to the noises. One can tell if there are hostile sounding voices or not. Sometimes one can identify the noise enough to dismiss it. In those other cases, a cautious peek may be needed.

Here's what I'm faced with if I need to walk outside to determine the source of a noise.

It's approximately 40 ft to the curb (cone). The postal worker is another 25 ft, along the far curb. At night, one can easily stay hidden from street view until within about 10 ft of the curb.

Sure, we could hunker down and just call the police. But an "unknown odd noise" call is very low priority and unlikely to get any response. But that call gets higher priority if you can tell them it looks like 1-2 people tampering with cars or something similar.

Yeah, stay indoors if you live where you can see the street and your driveway. But if you can't see activities around your house very well, always use caution when checking them out.
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