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From Biker RN:
I do not actively go looking for a gunfight. The surest way to win a gunfight is to not be in one.
My thought exactly!
If I am certain that the noise is felonious in nature I am staying hunkered down in the home and preparing to repel boarders and calling 911. If after careful observation, listening and using my three dogs to ascertain what the noise was and I am certain it's not a human caused noise I will let the dogs out to investigate, and lock the door behind them. I also will have turned on all the outside lights while keeping the inside lights off.

If the dogs alert to something I will let them deal with the situation while I am still ready to repel boarders. I can let the dogs back in during daylight if I need to. If I hear human noises at this point 911 is being called. If it's another animal, like I said, the dogs can handle it. When they are done dealing with whatever it is, neighbor's cat, dog or future felon offspring I will let them back in. If 911 is called I will inform them that my dogs are in the yards and will call them off after the officers arrive. I intend to keep the lines of communication open with the 911 Operator to relay necessary information.

If it is the noise of an intruder, well that means they have gotten past the security door, the dogs and some other things. This is a "hunker down" situation for me. I'm not going to go searching for the badguy, even in my own home. There is too much at stake and there is no guarantee of having a sucessful outcome, just look at the guy that lost his arm.
That makes sense to me.

Have you considered a remote camera system?

What if I had gone outside to investigate and "startled" one of them and he turned towards me in a rapid manner with a can of spraypaint in his or her hand? Would I have seen it was paint, or would I have thought it was a weapon? I'm glad I don't have to answer that question, even if it was a "furtive movement". There are no guarantees in court and I would've most likely been crucified in the local press. What if it had been a gun and I thought it was a can of spraypaint?
That's powerful food for thought.

I've cleared a few rooms and buildings, and I HATE it. I will only do it if I have no other choice. I'm not going to go looking for trouble, as trouble has a habit of finding you even when you aren't looking for it.
I don't have the experience that you have, and everything I've done along these lines in years past has been far more reckless. Fortunately I've been lucky.

Excellent post!
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