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Originally Posted by BuckHammer
...As a disclaimer, this post was made without the benefit of professional training or personal experience. Please correct any fallacies, as this entire post was my imaginings of theoretical scenarios....
One thing I find particularly interesting, in this and a similar thread ( It seems that most of the folks around here who have had some training in house clearing and who have done some solo house clearing exercises in that training (sometime force-on-force using simunitions) seem generally to want to avoid doing it themselves in real life. Could that be a clue that solo house clearing is not a good thing to do?

While I'm at it, I have to correct an error I made in an earlier post.

In post #25, I wrote:
Originally Posted by fiddletown
Massad Ayoob tells a story about the National Tactical Invitational, an annual competition in which some 130 of the top shooters and firearm trainers participate by invitation only. One of the events is a force-on-force exercise using simunitions in which the competitor must clear a house against a single "BG." According to Mas, during the first seven of these annual events, not a single competitor "survived" the exercise. The tactical advantage of the ensconced adversary is just too great. And remember, these competitors were highly skilled, highly trained fighters.
I just received a PM from Mas clarifying that during the first six years of the NTI, one, and only one, competitor got through one of those six NTIs without being judged killed, and he was head of NASA security firearms training at the time. And one, and only one, made it through the seventh year.

However, I don't think that changes anything. Solo house clear still seems to be a demonstrably bad idea.
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