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Feed Ramp on Alloy Pistol

Hi there Gunners,

Have a personal favorite pistol on which I performed a non-professional ramp job. The piece is a Star BKM 9MM and I read Nonte's book on how to do this about 25 years ago. The Star would not reliably feed hollow points and I was going to cure that perceived failing! So, after meticulously ramping and throating my Star, I tested it.

After a couple of magazines that performed flawlessly, I found that HPs dug a little notch in the alloy ramp and stopped! I believe that in ramping it I removed the anodized surface which hardened the ramp. So, I shoot hardball or some round which sports a plastic nosecone (Glaser Safety, etc.) with which it is reliable as hell.

Question is will any of these coatings mentioned make my feed ramp harder and/or more slippery so I can use HPs in it. I also wonder if the heat treatments mentioned will disturb the metallurgy and or finish of the frame.

Any feedback and/or advice would be appreciated. I really don't want to get the sucker hard chromed or anything pricey like that. I have a CZ75C which is almost as concealable as this Star if I ever have to pack. It's sort of a quarter century long back burner project for me.

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