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why on earth would I handicap myself with a weapon which is especially prone to degradation of its ammunition?
Indeed. Why would you? Unfortunately, you misunderstand the data. BP is NOT 'especially prone to degradation'. There is a large body of evidence on these forums that bp loads over 150 years old are still viable.
no amount of magic sealing techniques will ever make the BP cylinder more reliable than modern factory cased ammunition
Yep. And nobody said it was MORE reliable. It's just as reliable.
Even Hickok was known to fire his pair of BP revolvers daily and reload them to make certain they were always ready to go.
Hickock fired his revolvers daily and reloaded them and fired them again, several times, and then reloaded again, not only to ensure they were loaded and ready to go, but for practice and proficiency, which is the real reason one shouldn't just leave them loaded - shoot them for practice, then reload them.
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