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1. Thank you for the very detailed information on keeping a BP revolver loaded for an extended period of time. I can see some people have methods that appear to work for them.

2. I don't see the point of it.

I like BP and have an old Spiller & Burr replica I used to shoot. The bottom line though is if I think the situation warrants having a loaded handgun ready why on earth would I handicap myself with a weapon which is especially prone to degradation of its ammunition? Sorry, no amount of magic sealing techniques will ever make the BP cylinder more reliable than modern factory cased ammunition. Even Hickok was known to fire his pair of BP revolvers daily and reload them to make certain they were always ready to go. Guys may have rode around with BP revolvers at the ready but it was not because they preferred them, it was because they were the only game in town (or only thing they could afford).

While I find the information here interesting I put it in the category of how to build the Parthenon with Bronze Age Technology; cool to know but completely inapplicable in the modern day.
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