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Keeping a B-P gun Loaded

I live on the last bump before falling in the creek. Summertime humidity averages 100%. During the winter it's worse. To keep smoke pole loaded overnight is begging for problems. Guess that's why my ancestors also relied on the bow and arrow and rabbit sticks.
The guns were hung (unloaded) above doorways in a heated part of the house or over a fire place just to keep them dry and ready to go.
During survival trips I quickly found that keeping a loaded B-P gun in the tent didn't work. Condensation quickly turns the powder charge to goo. Powder horns often soaked through. Powder had to be dumped out to dry near a smouldering camp fire. (A last resort, have to, or go hungry method.)
Out in an arid portion of the country, no humidity, no weather changes, maybe it'd work. All I can say is go for it.
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