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Dave Spaulding on WW2 Combat Methods

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I personally trained my son-in-law for his Ohio CCW permit and we were in my garage cleaning our guns when my Dad stopped in. He is a WWII veteran of Iwo Jima and I had no idea until recently what he went through. Naturally the discussion moved to weapons and tactics and my father started to show my son-in-law some of the WWII Combatives techniques that he was taught in boot camp. His recall of what he had learned was nothing short of amazing! He told my son-in-law "Remember Less Is More...don't do what you don't have to... its just a waste of time and effort." I stood there, once again, and looked at my 81 year old father with amazement and awe!

What he did was once again remind me that we need to keep things simple and that advanced tactics really are the basics mastered. It is really easy to get all wrapped up in all of the Ninja crap that is floating around, but I doubt that any of these new age SWAT/CQB/XYZ/Ninja masters will be able to remember what they currently profess to be cutting edge 60 years from now, let alone demonstrate same!

I for one will stand aside and let all of these new age wonders expound on this new gun, that new piece of gear or this new tactic/technique which was founded deep within the belly of some super secret unit that can't be talked about. This stuff is not for me! There are only so many ways to shoot a gun or throw a punch and they have all been invented. If you want to learn something new, read an old book. FWIW...


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