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Lathes are like women... they are all different, and if you don't treat them just right and care for them, they will make your life miserable. Some are more used and abused than others. Some are gems. I bought a used Monarch 10EE that was made in 1940, a beast of a machine, weighing in at over 1800 lbs. But it was accurate beyond my ability to measure. I bought it off Ebay for $1,345 and drove to Southern California to get it. Foolishly, I sold it because I moved to a new shop where I didn't have three Phase power. Then I bought a $500 Enco lathe, and it is so bad that I had to weld the tool post solid in one axis. It still could not repeat a cut within 1/16 inch. So, I bought a 1939 Southbend Model C that was on a Navy submarine during the war
($900). It is spectacular for my simple operations, and I shall turn the enco into a mooring anchor for a boat (unless someone wants to buy a lathe with an ugly welded tool post). I wouldn't mind getting a new Grizzley (I have several Grizzley woodworking tools), but I would sure want to check the accuracy in person first.
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