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Originally posted by RickyB:

But a general prohibition of concealed carry by fiat of the president? Nope.
Yeah I know an Executive Order would not work but how would the President with Congress ban concealed carry? As Al Norris mentioned I think the 10th Amendment might come into play. Concealed Carry has been enacted by the States not Congress. I see real difficulty legally in just passing a law that says no one other then LEOs can carry concealed that would preempt all those 48 state laws.

Originally posted by RickyB:
Is the court likely to uphold or strike down legislation banning concealed carry? That's a subject for another post, another day, one that I think will require a discussion of the 14th Amendment and the incorporation doctrine.
Well, that is what I am asking now. The 14th isn't the issue but the 10th.
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